Pastry chef training

Aiguebelle and the OFPPT collaborate

Aiguebelle, in partnership with “Office de la formation professionnelle et de la promotion du travail” (OFPPT), has just announced the launch of an intensive training program for pastry chefs. Objective: to train students in sophisticated pastry and chocolate in order to improve their level and allow them to adopt the latest techniques, and provide them with processes and recipes specially dedicated so that future chefs can export and conquer the international markets.

Organized in M’diq, this training will be led by Chef Youssef, Aiguebelle’s ambassador. It is part of a global support strategy designed by Aiguebelle to contribute to the continuous training of future pastry chefs in the different regions of Morocco.

As a reminder, the brand has organized in partnership with the OFPPT the annual Aiguebelle Chocolate Competition for eight years. From 2005 to 2013, the competition has allowed thousands of young people, from private and public schools and institutes of training in the catering industry, to be encouraged in their quest for excellence.

Source : Formation au métier de chef pâtissier (

Purpose: to train students in sophisticated pastry and chocolate making