Vision & Commitment

In order to successfully implement our Quality policy, Aiguebelle is committed to put in place all the necessary skills in terms of human and material resources. This commitment allows us to provide the best chocolate products in order to meet the requirements of all our stakeholders: consumers, partners…

Origin of our raw materials

Sustainability surely starts with the ingredients. The raw materials used in our delicious products are natural. Aiguebelle takes care of the origin of its raw materials as well as the choice of its partners.

Our CSR actions

In parallel to our sustainable commitment, Aiguebelle has chosen to go even further by applying responsible and sustainable actions to our activity, through the implementation of a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach.
This committed vision contributes to the enhancement of sustainable development issues and to the perpetuation of our commitments to our employees and partners.

It is not only about product innovation, but also about constantly questioning ourselves in order to find new and better ways to create long-term value for the world around us.