Founded in 1868 by the monks of the Aiguebelle Abbey, the Aiguebelle chocolate factory produces quality chocolates and confectionery in the traditional way. In 1941, the monks of the Aiguebelle Abbey settled in Morocco and put into practice their know-how as master chocolate makers.

With more than a century of experience in chocolate making, Aiguebelle has been able to perpetuate the tradition of quality while developing and modernizing its manufacturing units.


Aiguebelle Abbey inception

It was created by Morimont monks, bordering the Dauphine and Provence in France.


Aiguebelle Chocolate creation

At the beginning of World War II, Aiguebelle was ranked 8th chocolate factory of France, where it pursued its business until 1978.


Aiguebelle Morocco creation

Aiguebelle Abbey decided to create a Subsidiary in Morocco, a strategic development to meet sugar and cocoa shortages in France of that time.


Aiguebelle Morocco factory settlement

Aiguebelle production in Morocco started in November 1942. It was run by Mr. Pardigan, Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce until 1984. Afterwards, it became the Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie.


Caobel launch

Launch of the successful Caobel brand (powder chocolate) and extra fine dark chocolate.


Launch of Frégalior brand, the nougatine and chocolate bar


Launch of the chocolate bar

Launch of the first milk chocolate bar. The product underwent several mutations, weight, flavor and packaging wise.


The Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie is acquired by OMNIPAR Group (Berrada family)


Innovative, the Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie enabled consumers to have quality chocolate at an affordable price (1 MAD).

Depuis 2010

The Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie develops an innovating and renewing strategy through several investments. Such policy strengthened its image as an innovative company.