Our History

The founding of the Aiguebelle chocolate factory by the monks of the Aiguebelle abbey dates back to 1868. It started making quality chocolate and candy the traditional way. In 1941, the Aiguebelle Abbey monks settled in Morocco and put their skills as master confectioners to use.


With the vast wealth of chocolate production experience of a century-old company, Aiguebelle has managed to preserve the tradition of quality, while expanding and upgrading its manufacturing units.


A demanding selection of raw materials, skills, commitment of teams, and a constant search for excellence have enabled Aiguebelle to keep its leading position nationally and worldwide.


The priority has always been given to producing quality products, which, more than ever, reflects the team’s will power to meet all clients’ needs ensuring their satisfaction.


Key Dates

  • 1137

    Aiguebelle Abbey inception

    It was created by Morimont monks, bordering the Dauphine and Provence in France.

  • 1868

    Aiguebelle Chocolate creation

    At the beginning of World War II, Aiguebelle was ranked 8th chocolate factory of France, where it pursued its business until 1978.

  • 1941

    Aiguebelle Morocco creation

    Aiguebelle Abbey decided to create a Subsidiary in Morocco, a strategic development to meet sugar and cocoa shortages in France of that time.

  • 1942

    Aiguebelle Morocco factory settlement

    Aiguebelle production in Morocco started in November 1942. It was run by Mr. Pardigan, Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce until 1984. Afterwards, it became the Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie.

  • 1942

    Caobel launch

    Launch of the successful Caobel brand (powder chocolate) and extra fine dark chocolate.

  • 1950

    Frégalior launch

    Launch of Frégalior brand, the nougatine and chocolate bar

  • 1957

    Launch of the chocolate bar

    Launch of the first milk chocolate bar. The product underwent several mutations, weight, flavor and packaging wise.

  • 1987

    The Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie is acquired by OMNIPAR Group (Berrada family)

  • 2004

    Innovative, the Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie enabled consumers to have quality chocolate at an affordable price (1 MAD).

  • Since 2010

    The Compagnie Chérifienne de Chocolaterie develops an innovating and renewing strategy through several investments. Such policy strengthened its image as an innovative company.


Shared by all our employees, such values reflect the Aiguebelle spirit.

    The passion for chocolate is the unifying principle of our teams.
    We are committed to ensuring the company success. Such commitment helps us provide the greatest chocolate products, so as to meet the requirements of all stakeholders (consumers, partners…)

    The quest for excellence leads us to establish a high level of work quality and performance, to ultimately satisfy our customers and professional worldwide.


    Our taste and creativity culture guides us to modernize and reinvent our recipes and traditional processes, to create products that stand out by their quality and originality.

    Our company takes particular care in respect and fairness principles.
    Respect for workers, transfer of knowhow, respect for nature and respect for differences are an integral part of the company's values.